Where Do Bad Folks Go when They Die?

After a long workday ends, everyone returns to his home, where the one he loves waits for him to live with him. The same will happen to everyone after the end of a lifetime on earth; he naturally and automatically goes to the one he loves and lives the journey of a lifetime in his company. If he loved Satan’s ways and desires, he would go to him to stay with him in his house, and Satan’s house, as far as we know, is what is called hell, where he shares with him the bitterness, regret, and depression which is like the feeling of being in the fire.
God did not throw him into this hell, but his choice attracted him to Satan and his home, which is hell. On the other hand, those who have chosen the love of the Heavenly Father will be drawn by the love of Christ to His home in heaven, where He dwells and transfers to His people His eternal life, eternal peace, and bliss.

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