Is God a Myth?


Is God a Myth?


Whoever reads the Old Testament without the New Testament and after the revolutions of the Enlightenment and the liberation of the human mind from the domination and arrogance of the clergy must end up with the conclusion reached by the French existentialist philosopher Sartre who said, "Our Father who is in heaven stay there in it.” And this happened because the human mind no longer accepted the primitive language used by the Old Testament about God, such as God exterminated humanity with the flood at the time of His wrath!

The reason for this matter and its complexity is what happened in the Christian and civilized history in 1455, the year in which the Old Testament was included together with the Christian New Testament in one book in the Gutenberg Press in Germany so that future generations could imagine that the Bible in our hands is as old as Christianity. People do not know that the Two Testaments were not in one book, and the ancient churches, even today, only read the New Testament in their services and the holy mass. When the apostles preached the good news to the non-Jewish people, they did not take any references from the Old Testament. Instead, their proof of their faith in Christ was the works of God’s love for man, the same proof that Jesus provided as proof of Himself, as the only begotten Son of God, sent from the Father God to the world. “I am the Son of God’? If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me;” (John 10:37).


Unfortunately, this proof has been absent from the lives of many preachers and ministers to be replaced by the preaching of their reading of stories from the Old Testament filled with old history, ancient customs and traditions of the old Jews, and Moses' law to them.
And now, I will return to the question, is God a myth? The answer for people who experience daily God’s love for them and His practical intervention in their daily lives and needs will be that God is alive and holy, and they feel His presence in their being and their lives. But the answer will be different for those who have not experienced God’s tangible and practical acts of love in their personal lives, and they will say, as Sartre said,” God who is in heaven stays there.” 

The challenge facing the Christian Church today is practically achieving the Gospel, abandoning the Christianity of words devoid of power and proof, and converting to Christianity full of the living power of God’s life and the revelation of His love. The love of God, presented by the Gospel, is that He opened the eyes of the blind, gave comfort and healing to the tired and suffering, satisfied man's needs, and freed him from the bondage of sin. God’s love is not the destruction of the family and the destruction of the human mind and body in the name of false freedom.

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